Some Cruel Sources of Entertainment in India

India has no dearth of entertainment sources. Right from access to Bollywood and Hollywood movies to television series, digital media, stage shows, standup comedies, and amusement parks, India has it all. Unfortunately, some of the sources existing across the nation are cruel. Use of animals for amusement and public entertainment is one of them.

 Is it really necessary to use these innocent, helpless beings to become the source of our pleasure? Well, animals want to live. They do not want to perform painful, demeaning tricks just to make us and our children laugh. However, they do not have a choice. Trainers at circuses, road shows make use of abusive tools such as whips and electric prods to make them perform. 

Right from elephants to birds, horses, camels, hippopotamuses, dogs, and other animals are beaten mercilessly. We have a duty towards these helpless beings. Here’s how animals are abused and tormented to entertain us at the cost of their own lives:


Children and adults love zoos. These places claim to educate people. Most of the authorities managing the place also claim to save endangered species. However, visitors are unable to learn anything. The animals inside the cages are nothing more than battered beings behaving very differently than their natural self. Tigers and lions do not roar. Bears are dirty and tired. PETA investigators who visited zoos across India and found that animals are not given access to food, clean drinking water, adequate veterinary care, housing, safety, environmental enrichment, and security. The cramped cages do not allow animals to move. Most of the animals display abnormal and neurotic behavior. Visits to the zoo should be banned. Also conduct an audit of the zoo and send a report to PETA. 

Snake Charmers 

India is also referred to as the land of snake charmers. These professionals throng the streets with cobras and other snakes in their cane baskets. People gather around to see them “dance” on the tune of a wind instrument. Snakes are captured from forests and enclosed into cramped boxes or bags. Their teeth are pulled out and venom ducts are pierced using hot needle. In some cases, the mouths of these snakes are also sewn shut. Stop patronizing snake charmers and write letters to the local paper editors urging others not to patronize snake charmers.

Animal Sacrifice 

Animal sacrifice is extensively practiced in India as a source of getting rid of sins. None of he recognized and respected religion teaches violence. There are specific laws prohibiting animal sacrifice passed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Pondicherry and Kerala. Ask your legislator to introduce a ban on these sacrifices. 


These events are incomplete without animals. However, these animals lead a poor quality life of endless confinement. They are abused physically and undergo psychological torment. The rigorous training comprises of beatings and whippings. Circuses portray a distorted view of animals. They are not made for riding bicycles, standing on heads or jump through rings of fire. Animals are subjected to whips and other weapons to force performance. Access to good food, clean water, and veterinary care is limited. The animals are crammed into dirty cages and even beaten up. Stop patronizing circuses and report to PETA. 

Exotic Pets 

Life in imprisonment usually leads to pain and death for most of the “exotic pets” including tortoises and turtles. The animals suffer from malnutrition and rarely able to overcome the confinement stress. It is important to note that for each animal that makes it to the store, innumerable others die. As per the latest entertainment news in Hindi, the turtles sold in pet shops are not native to India. Also referred to as terrapins and red-eared sliders, the turtles need land and water access for survival. Buying exotic animals from pet shops or dealers is not a good practice. 

Aquatic Parks 

It is a lesser known fact that the animals in aquatic parks suffer a lot. Fish and marine animals are naturally accustomed to swim freely in the vast oceans. However, they are confined to smaller unhealthy tanks where they need to swim in endless circles. Most of these tanks lack vegetation, sand, and rocks. Animals in aquatic parks are also subjected to artificial lights and whining of pump motors. They fail to recognize glass and collide with it, sustaining serious injuries.

 Mammal parks such as Dolphinaria are a place where dolphins and other animals are forced to perform tricks to entertain visitors. These are known to be the cruelest display of animals. It is important to stop patronizing zoos and aquatic parks or dolphinaria.