Buying Perfect diamond engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring and that too diamond studded is a little scary task. But you don’t need to worry about it after reading this article. With right tips and tricks, you will be done with the perfect purchase of the engagement ring.


You don’t need to have a very high budget for purchasing a ring for your to be’s finger. Deciding a budget helps you filter the choice and enhances you to make your choice faster. How much to spend on solitaire diamond ring completely depends on an individual.

Metal and Caratage:

One of the prime decisions is considering the type of metal in which the diamonds will sit in and allow those jewels to shine. Finding out if your to be likes white, yellow or rose gold will really help in the purchase process. Having a good knowledge about his/her present jewellery will probably give you the idea of the colour actually to be purchased. White gold is in trend these days if you want your diamond to be the centre of attraction. Yellow gold is also popular those who love the traditional and classic look. Rose gold- a completely new tone gives a vintage feel.

Gold is the most popular metal for jewellery. Pure gold is too soft to make jewellery as it will either get scratched or bend. Therefore any gold jewellery is combined with other metals like Copper, Zinc, Silver and Nickel to form an alloy to give the jewellery strength and durability.

An alternative for Diamond Jewellery is Platinum which is natural white metal and gives cool lustre complementing the diamonds. This is hard wearing due to its density and is suitable for people having busy lifestyle.

Diamond Shapes:

Most women go for traditional round brilliant cut diamond as this shape gives the most sparkle and complements women at any age. Rounds make up about two third of engagement ring market. However round is not the only shape available when we talk about diamonds. On basis of personal style and preference, there are many styles to look for. The oval and pear shapes elongate the finger and appear bigger in size. Emerald and Asscher cuts are stepped ones for elegant appearance. The princess cut is angular and contemporary. Cushions are becoming more popular at the moment.

Accents and Side Diamonds:

Again this is based on personal preference. You can go for a large diamond and even cluster of them. It depends on your budget. A cluster of diamonds is suggested as it will sparkle more and will cost less than a big diamond.  

Knowing the ring size:

If your to be already wears a ring, borrow one he/she already owns. This is the perfect size of the ring.

So these were some of the points which need to be kept in mind while going for purchase of a diamond engagement ring. You should look at different parameters before making a purchase because you don’t buy diamond rings often, and that too an engagement one. So make sure when you purchase it, it’s the perfect match for you and is what you wanted and thought of.