What are the Opportunities for Women After 12th in Australia?


After passing out your twelfth grade, every one of us is in one state of mind!!! Most of us are in a state of confusion concerning our career to settle on one option which can facilitate us to grow professionally and enhance our personality and develop us. Essentially a student has numerous choices to settle on, however, if you’re searching for any foreign university then it somehow gets difficult.

For girls, there are a lot of choices to put their finger on to study in Australia after 12th. These best courses after 12th have gained fame recently and are showing promising results. Students enrolling in such professional courses don't seem to be only getting rewarded with good career prospects but are also attaining recognition from prime industries worldwide. Keeping in mind that students nowadays need updated data concerning numerous career choices after 12th from the ever-changing career situations here are some career choices in Australia for you to check after your 12th grade.

Career options for women after 12th in Australia

  1. Master of Business Administration: MBA is a well-liked study option among the students. Through this course, students find out how to manage a business professionally and may choose a degree or diploma in management. The period of a regular Master of Business Administration course is two years and an Executive Master of Business Administration course is one year.

  2. Graduation in Medical Science: Medical education is highly developed in Australia. Students can pursue Post Graduate specialization in different subjects such as Cardiology, Anaesthesiology, Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology, Neurological Sciences, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics and various other options.

  3. Engineering: Engineering has a wide variety of career choices. Girls interested in building their career in the field of engineering then, she needs to pass the senior secondary exam with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with minimum qualifying marks. There are various public and private institutes in Australia that offers courses in numerous branches of Engineering.

4. Fashion Design Course: If you think that you're artistic enough, have a capability to envision things in various dimensions, are adept in skills of cutting, grading and garment construction, relish the style trends and keep yourself updated with the ins and outs of fashion, then choosing a career in fashion might be a significant thought. Fashion designing is one of prime and rising career choices after 12th. There are numerous top fashion designing institutes in Australia which can help you to develop your career in the fashion business.

5. Mass Communication Course: In the recent years, the world has witnessed an outstanding and exceptional growth in communication technology and media that has brought the whole world closer. This is how mass-communication, as a stream of study, and as a career, has become thus vital and desirable. Careers in Mass Communication are regarded highly with a great deal of job satisfaction, high earning and an expression of creative thinking.

Obviously, these are just a few options. When you actually search for good career options in Australia after 12th, you will get many results that are trending and rewarding.

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