How much time does it take to immigrate to Canada?


Canada immigration has seen an increase in the applications and all thanks to the latest changes introduced in the application system which has become faster than before. In 2015 a major change was brought about in the processing and application of the Permanent residency (PR) status allotment by the Government of Canada through the introduction of the Express Entry Program. The program allots the candidate with the facility to migrate to Canada within 6 to 12 months time as claimed by the IRCC (Immigration refugee and Citizenships Canada).

How much time does each step of analysis take in the Immigration process?

There are various steps of processing and documentation for Permanent residency (PR) status application and the time frame taken at each step will depend on the kind of candidature. For some people the process is long and tedious because of incomplete paperwork but for others the process is smooth and fast because there is no problem of their papers from the start itself.  Some candidates have had superfast immigrations as well and have migrated to Canada in just 4 months time. Some of the major time frames are listed below:


  • The IELTS examination which is alanguage proficiency test for the English language takes around one to two months’ time from the date of applying for the test and results are declared. IELTS is one of the most mandatory test that is required of the Candidate for immigration.

  • After that around 2 months’ time is taken the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of the candidate but it can be conducted parallel with the IELTS examination in order to speed the immigration process.

  • Then documentation collection is also a time taking procedure in which the candidate should collect documents from his previous employers, bank statement which prove the solvency of the candidate and also medical and police verification certificates are required. All these procedures have their own time line and depending on how sorted your police records and bank statements All these proceedings should not take more than a month in any case.

  • Rest after the application is filled and submitted with all the necessary documents are time undertaken by the IRCC to review and analyze your application is the only time frame that is consuming.


As a candidate one should remember that after meeting the minimum comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points requirement and  receiving the Invitation to Apply( ITA) from the Federal government, the candidate should reply within 90 days for further proceedings.

It is advisable that a legal and authorized immigration service is hired by the candidate for representation of the case as there are many companies who try to dupe the clients of their valuable time and money thus it important that the authorization of the company with the ICCRC (Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). should be crossed checked before representation is hired.  Further a good immigration service always allows additional services to the clients like IELTS guidance and Job consultancy.