What are Facebook chatbots?


The chatbots Facebook are a great example of one of the most promising trends in marketing today: the artificial intelligence . If you use them with wisdom, you will be able to open a lot of doors to interact with customers and increase your conversions.

Facebook Messenger has been one of the first platforms to incorporate this type of solution, but there are still many brands that have not heard about its advantages. Let's see what Facebook chatbots are exactly, what they can contribute to your brand and how to create yours.

What is a Facebook chatbot and why do you need it?

Let's start at the beginning: what is a chatbot?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that are able to maintain a conversation with a human being, answering their questions and making pertinent suggestions. This type of software has been around for years, but its degree of sophistication and its integration with other tools is growing.

In the case of Facebook, chatbots are integrated into the Messenger tool : users can talk with these software solutions just as they would with their friends. Depending on the type of company concerned, different functionalities can be programmed: order a bouquet of flowers for a friend, order a pizza, ask about recommendations of suits or beauty tips or receive the news of the day filtered according to the interests of the user, among many other examples. In case the intervention of a human is necessary, the chatbot can detect it and notify a customer service agent.

For companies, Facebook chatbots offer many advantages :

They allow you to connect with users in one of the most used media . Messaging applications are ultrapopular among users, who prefer them to other means of communication such as email. According to Facebook data , 80% of adults and 91% of adolescents use messaging applications on a daily basis, and 63% of them use them more than two years ago. It is a medium that plays a central role in the lives of users and is here to stay.

Within this type of tools, Messenger the most popular : with 1300 million active users per month, its success surpasses WhatsApp. This is due in large part to the fact that it is powered by the social network Star, Facebook.

They give the possibility of serving thousands of customers at once . Once programmed, Facebook chatbots can execute many conversations simultaneously. This makes it possible to separate customer service from staff capacity and offer unlimited service 24 hours a day.

They are one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of the audience and achieve conversions. The marketing by Messenger can get to have opening rates of more than 90% and click close to 35-40%, figures that earn a lot to email marketing. In addition, 53% of users say they would buy before a company to which they could send messages.

Improve personalization in customer service. With chatbots, it is easy to adapt the experience of each user according to their preferences or previous actions. In addition, users are more comfortable with this medium: 56% prefer to use a channel like Messenger before calling a customer service (Facebook figures).

How Facebook chatbots affect your marketing

If you decide to use Facebook chatbots, you can interact with users in a much more direct and personalized way. This means that you can (and should) rethink several key aspects of your marketing. These four suggestions will help you start the paradigm shift.

1) Deepen the interactions

Normally, we measure the degree of user engagement through clicks, for example, reproductions to a video or "likes". But with chatbots we can rethink this concept radically.

When they interact with a chatbot, users adopt a much more active role. For example, to promote the premiere of the Zootrópolis movie, Disney launched a chatbot of one of the protagonists that encouraged users to live their own story. The results of engagement were spectacular, since users spent more than 10 minutes talking with the character and even repeated to look for different endings.

The implication for brands is that we can aspire to generate a memorable experience, a deep understanding of the brand and positive emotions associated with it, much more effectively than with conventional advertising.

2) Expand your market research

Since users relate to chatbots in a relaxed and conversational environment, they can ask questions that would be too intrusive in other channels, such as what music they like or what their ideal trip would be.

These questions not only give a closer touch to the conversation, but allow us to obtain information for future interactions and expand our knowledge of the user. So the next time you pose a market study, do not forget the Facebook chatbots!

3) Customize, personalize, personalize

Personalization is a key element of digital marketing: programmatic ads, remarketing, segmented emails ... but never before have we had a channel with so many possibilities to offer a unique experience.

Chatbots allow you to customize the interactions for each individual user with whom they interact. As we have seen in the previous point, the chatbots can ask the user questions and use their answers to offer highly customized answers and contents. In this way, customer satisfaction will be much greater.


4) Play with the personality of the brand

The most successful brands are those that manage to conquer users through their personality and their values. Normally, this manifests in a unidirectional way, that is, that the brand adapts its communications to transmit a certain image. But with chatbots, we can create characters with whom to play and who represent the style and values ​​of the brand in "flesh and blood".

Depending on the type of programmed responses, a chatbot can be perceived as fun, serious, daring, educated, eccentric ... The name and images used can also say a lot about you. In short, dare to experiment!

5 tools to create your own chatbots

To this day, it is not necessary to have advanced programming knowledge to create Facebook chatbots from scratch. There are several tools in the market that will allow you to create your own chatbot and customize your answers. These five are those recommended by the web site Chatbot Planet :

Api.ai . This tool allows you to program interactions with users based on keywords, as well as to program predetermined answers when the user "gets out of the script". With its test section, you can see how your chatbot works before launching it.

Botsify . It is divided into two main sections: design (to create welcome texts, buttons and patterns for messages) and development (to transform messages into interactions).

Manychat . Requires registration through the Facebook account of the administrator of the brand page. It has a very simple interface and allows to create simple bots in a short time.

Botsociety . It has a preview on the mobile screen (to understand how it will look in real life) and allows you to program messages with images and buttons.

Wit.ai. A tool aimed at people with certain programming skills, which offers the possibility of creating more natural and flexible bots. The responses of the bot include functions, variables and commands and the conversation can be saved as an API.


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