Monitor Your Lovers Instant Messengers Chat with TOS App


Are you suspicious of your boyfriend having second thoughts in mind? Having a conversation with your beau can help you clear your doubts. But what if your boyfriend is cheating on you and trying to manipulate you with lame excuses. You must have enough evidence of your partner’s infidelity before you confront him. Monitoring the mobile phone of your boyfriend can help you track his engagements, routines and conversations. You can check out his messages to get a clue about his new love interest. But what if you find his inbox empty or do not know the passcode to unlock the phone?

Fortunately, there is a cell phone monitoring application that lets you track the conversations of your lover. Without unlocking the cell phone of your partner, you can get access to the data stored on the target phone. The app lets you read every single message received and sent by your boyfriend without taking his phone into possession. Read on to know how the Android monitoring app helps you remotely monitor your lover’s messages without letting him know.    

TheOneSpy Instant Messenger Monitoring App

The instant messaging applications and social networking platforms have provided us with increased opportunities for infidelity. We can communicate with the people across the world without paying anything. There are dating apps that let us find sex partners for one-night-stands. These apps have facilitated the users to have multiple romantic relationships at the same time.

On the other hand, the Cell Phone Spy lets you track the social media and instant messaging apps in use of your loved ones. You can keep tabs on the online conversations of your boyfriend to get clues of infidelity. Once you install the Android spyware app on the mobile phone of your boyfriend, you can read all his instant messages right on the secret online account of the monitoring app. You can also present a new mobile phone preinstalled with the spy application to your beau if you do not have access to his phone.

TheOneSpy instant messenger monitoring app lets you track Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder and many other widely used social messengers. If your lover is using any of these socializing apps to communicate with his new love affair, you will be updated about it.   

Monitor Facebook Chat

The popularity of Facebook has induced many to use the platform to communicate with the people around the world. The app allows users to exchange text, photos, videos and stuff of their desire. The Facebook Messenger also allows making audio and video calls to individuals and groups. The Facebook monitoring app lets you track Facebook chat, call logs and media files exchanged by your boyfriend. By logging into the secret account of the instant messenger surveillance app, you can read your boyfriend’s text and instant messages and get the detail of the message senders and recipients. If your beau is involved with someone, his Facebook chat will give you clue of his infidelity.  

Track Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram allows the users to post and share videos and photos and exchange direct messages. The mobile phone tracking software lets you monitor the Instagram account of your beau. You can see his social media posts and read their messages sent and received via photo-sharing app.

Capture Snapchat Self-deleted Messages

Snapchat is currently the most popular instant messenger among teens. The self-deleted messages of the photo-sharing app encourage users to exchange sexually explicit text, photos and videos. The app is widely being used by cheaters and scoundrels. You can capture your boyfriend’s Snapchat messages before getting them deleted. The snooping app for android starts taking screenshots of the monitored phone as your beau runs Snapchat on his phone. It records every single activity of your beau performed on the instant messenger.

Track Tinder Conversations

Tinder is the most popular dating app which allows users to find romantic or sex partners. The Tinder tracking app lets you make sure if your boyfriend is dating or planning to date someone else. You can check out all his Tinder conversations and find out his friends and dating preferences.

Track WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp is the top instant messenger at the moment which is widely being used by the people across the world. The messenger allows users to exchange text, photos, video, stickers, emoticons and GPS location. The WhatsApp surveillance app allows you to read all the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages of your beau. It also provides WhatsApp call logs to let you know from whom your boyfriend is frequently receiving audio and video calls.

The Bottom Line

The instant messenger monitoring app lets you track every online and offline activity of your cheating boyfriend. It provides you with enough evidence of infidelity to help you make a wise decision for your betterment. Meanwhile, it helps you strengthen your relationships by proving your partner’s fidelity.


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