On Republic Day Amazing Picture of India from space


French space traveler Thomas Pesquet who arrived at the International Space Station in November 2016 and has been sharing pictures from that point onward. On January 26, when India was praising its 68th Republic day, he shared picture of stream Brahmputra from the space and it looked wonderful. "The sun thinking about the Brahmaputra River in #India. Today is India #RepublicDay" he composed on Twtter.  


The photo turned into a web sensation with several hundred retweets and more than 1,000 preferences. Numerous Indians said thanks to him for sharing the photo. "That is an excellent photo of an oft overlooked area of the nation! Much obliged," composed a client. "Thank u for sharing this. Furthermore, this is the place I live.. in the bank of waterway Brahmaputra.. It's totally dazzling from space as well," composed another.



The sun reflecting on the Brahmaputra River in #India. Today is India #RepublicDay https://t.co/kHmcLVA2GB pic.twitter.com/lI36oDMZyP

— Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) January 26, 2017

Till the mid of 2016, US space traveler Scott Kelly shared a huge number of pictures from space including some of India's and indicated individuals how the nation looks like from up over the sky. He shared photos of the Himalayas, South India and even of the contamination in India.