CEO Sundar Pichai Reply : 7-Year-Old Girl Applied for a Job at Google


A 7-year-old UK inhabitant, Chloe Bridgewater composed a cute employment application letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai with no desires of an answer. Be that as it may, she was in for a lovely astonishment when Sundar Pichai himself answered to the young lady with uplifting statements and inspiration. Sundar Pichai advised Chloe to 'continue buckling down and take after her fantasies' and to formally apply to Google when she's done with school.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

Bridgewater's letter was transcribed coordinated to 'the Google Boss', upon the consolation of her dad. Business Insider reports that Chloe got to be distinctly keen on Google as of late when she asked her father, Andy Bridgewater, of the perfect work environment. He revealed to her that Google would be perfect as it's known for its 'reality popular livens and bleeding edge work.' Furthermore, she discovered that the workplace had bean pack seats, go karts, and slides, things that most likely added to her interest. 

As her enthusiasm for Google crested, she disclosed to her father she needed to work at Google sometime in the not so distant future, and her father egged her on to begin early. He advised her to compose work application, and she did as such, in her own particular joyful way. In her letter to Sundar Pichai, she composed that she preferred PCs, robots, and tablets, and was a decent understudy in school. Aside from working at Google, she likewise needs to work at a chocolate manufacturing plant and swim at the Olympics. She included that the main other letter she composed was to Father Christmas. You can read Chloe Bridgewater's letter Sundar Pichai underneath.